About us

Pinnacle Advanced Driving Academy (PADA) was created to help introduce car enthusiasts to the world of performance driving and motorsports.

We know performance driving can be intimidating, so our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment to develop the potential of your driving skills.

Community is a key pillar of our philosophy at PADA as we aim to bring together like minded car enthusiasts to build and share experiences with; as we like to say: "It's just better driving with friends"

Our Approach

Best of Breed Curriculum

 Our curriculum is a continuously evolving compilation of the best techniques and methodologies currently available. It has been developed with input from professional educators to facilitate the highest retention and application of knowledge and skills in the way the content is delivered and most importantly, received by the students. We focus on breaking down complex theories and skills into small consumable sections that can be focused on and applied in the shortest amount of time

Evaluation system

 Our evaluation system works in conjunction with our best of breed curriculum to re-enforce the skills necessary to become a more proficient performance driver. By allowing students to clearly understand their progress they can easily identify specific areas they can focus on with an instructor or on their own. This provides a platform for the continuous improvement of skills and a method to track progress over the short and long term

consistent experience

 We believe in delivering a consistent experience to customers when it comes to the way our events are run, delivery of the curriculum and in-car instruction. We certify our instructors to ensure that we are delivering the same content in the same way to maximize our customer experience. The last thing we want is for our students to have a disparate experience with different instructors as this leads to confusion and frustration which is a common experience with other driving schools

value for money

 We understand that it can be a large commitment to invest in performance driving instruction and that is why we are devoted to providing the absolute best value for money. We strive to deliver our programs with precise attention to detail to ensure each minute is focused on delivering value rather than standing around waiting. Our pricing is also the most competitive in the industry to allow for an economical way into the performance driving world

Instructor Profiles

Colin Caissie - head Instruct./ co-founder


 Over 10 years in grassroots motorsports competing and instructing with various driving schools. Over 20 years in martial arts instruction with an educational background in teaching and psychology.

Accomplishments: 4 Series Championships, 10 Class Championships in Auto Slalom and 9 podiums

Competes In: PITL Auto Slalom Series, Ontario Time Attack, CSCS Time Attack

Claim to Fame: Ability to set hot laps in any car, often running them completely out of fuel in the process

Drives: 2016 Alfa Romeo 4C

Jay Tsang - Co-Founder / instructor


Over 7 years of grassroots motorsports experience competing in Auto Slalom and lapping. Representing the business side of PADA, Jay has over 20 years of professional business experience in the Technology Industry.

Accomplishments: 2018 Runner Up in Push It To The Limit C Mod Class

Competes In: PITL Auto Slalom Series

Claim to Fame: Using a "Moneypult" in the pursuit of better lap times

Drives: 2017 Lotus Evora 400

amanda tsang - photos / instructor


 With a passion for cars that started at a young age, Amanda has participated in grassroots motorsports for over 6 years. She also has a keen eye and creative flair which she puts to good use as our resident photographer.

Competes In: PITL Auto Slalom Series

Claim to Fame: Occasionally deploying the "Hammer" to move people out of the way during karting

Drives: 2014 Supercharged Mazda Miata / 1965 Restomod Honda Swapped Mini Cooper 

Val dipietro ----- instructor


Known locally as simply the Auto Slalom driving god, Val has been slinging cars around for over 10 years. After a brief stint of time attack, he graduated from the AISA Race Academy and now enjoys endurance road races with ChumpCar Canada.

Accomplishments: 3 time PITL Auto Slalom Series Champion, Regional Auto Slalom Champion

Competes In: CASC-OR/PITL Auto Slalom Series, ChumpCar Canada

Claim to Fame: Put simply, he is the Auto Slalom Driving God and the "Sultan of Sideways"

Drives: 1991 Mazda Miata, 1998 BMW M3, 1991 Honda Civic

kevin wong ----- instructor


 From go-karting, autocross schools, various track day schools and eventually cracking into the echelons of Time Attack, Kevin has been actively participating in the grassroots motorsports for over 10 years. If he's not promoting, teaching or driving with his fellow PADA instructors, he can usually be found at the Ontario Time Attack Chief Timer's seat at one of the four tracks around the GTA.

Accomplishments: 2018: RaceOntario Outstanding Service as a Solo Official, 9th overall, 2nd overall GT3 class, Chief Timer with OTA Time Attack

Competes In: PITL Auto Slalom Series, Ontario Time Attack, ChumpCar Canada

Claim to Fame: Top 10 finisher in OTA in a mostly stock vehicle.

Drives: 2004 Honda S2000

joe li -----instructor


 Part mechanical engineer and part data junkie, Joe brings over 5+ years of performance driving experience. As the resident data expert on the team, Joe is a big believer in progressive improvements backed by data. 

Competes In: PITL Auto Slalom Series, Ontario Time Attack, Twin Lakes Motor Club Auto Slalom

Claim to Fame: Modding a slow car to be slower every year

Drives: 1991 Mazda Miata

ginger drew ----- instructor


 Ginger started performance driving after buying her dream car. Soon after she participated in only one auto slalom and was hooked. She has been competing in the Push it to the Limit series and driving in open lapping session with various groups for over 6 years.  Having competed and coached in sports such as fencing and swimming, Ginger’s emphasis in performance driving is on technique and practice.

Competes In: PITL Auto Slalom Series

Claim to Fame: When Ginger is at the track, Yummy bake goods are usually not far behind

Drives: 2018 Porsche Cayman GTS

ian drew -----Instructor


 Ian started his performance driving career in 2009 by joining the Push It To The Limit auto slalom series. Soon after he progressed to the track as a way to develop new skills and improve his ability to handle a car at higher speeds. Ian brings over 25 years of sports coaching experience. Professionally, Ian has an adult education certificate and has worked as an instructional designer and facilitator.

Accomplishments: 4 PITL Auto Slalom class championships and twice championship runner-up 

Competes In: PITL Auto Slalom Series

Claim to Fame: Did something no one else did in 2018, beat Val in the same car at Auto Slalom

Drives: 2018 Porsche Cayman GTS

adam bezzina -----instructor


 With 10 years grassroots motorsports experience, Adam has competed in university FSAE series, Auto Slalom, Karting and lapping events all over Ontario. 8 years of experience working as a snowboard instructor allows Adam to maintain a positive atmosphere for all. 

Accomplishments: Ontario Regional Autocross Series - 2nd overall 2017, Twin Lakes Motorclub - 1st overall STX 2017, Formula SAE - Top 15 in global competition 2013 

Competes In: Ontario Regional Auto Cross Series, Twin Lakes Motor Club

Claim to Fame: Has a side hustle as a bearded woodworker 

Drives: 2013 Subaru BRZ

Daniel santibenez --- instructor


 With more than 13 years in the motorsports world between Perú and Canada, Daniel has participated in Go Karts, Open lapping, Time Attack and Autocross events. As a lead Class A Mechanic at a well known Auto mechanic franchise, Daniel is constantly teaching his crew of apprentices on a daily basis.

Accomplishments: 2017 B Mod Runner up at PITL Series, 2018 2nd place at Ontario Time Attack Novice Championship, 2018 T3 2nd place at Ontario Time Attack Series.

Competes In: PITL Auto Slalom Series, Ontario Time Attack

Claim to Fame: Lets see how many cars he can beat with his stock underpowered Toyota Echo

Drives: 2005 Toyota Echo

jt koeman ----- instructor


 JT started out by participating at local track days with Team PADA and eventually graduated from the Intro to Performance Driving course. That was 4 years ago and he has quickly progressed and built his experience through auto slalom and open lapping days. He has been recently promoted to a Senior instructor after a full year as an instructor in training.

Competes In: PITL Auto Slalom Series

Claim to Fame: Some say the hard top of his car stays on more than his shirt during the summer

Drives: 2014 Corvette Stingray

will hughes ----- instructor


Will has been teaching various hobbies since he was a teenager: Chess, martial arts, music, and most recently performance driving. Teaching is something he's always loved doing, as it lets him get other people passionate about his favorite things. Will has most recently been promoted to a Senior Instructor after a year as an instructor in training. He is now putting that knowledge to good use training the University of Guelph's Formula SAE team drivers..

Accomplishments: WOSCA Novice Champion 2017, Founded the driver development program for Gryphon Racing

Competes In: PITL Auto Slalom Series, WOSCA Auto Slalom 

Claim to Fame: Wearing his bright blue PADA hat with pride … EVERYWHERE!

Drives: 2002 Honda S2000

john silva ----- instructor


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filisity huestis ----- instructor


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bryan lemos ----- instructor


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desiree dionne ----- instructor


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christina kelbert --- instructor


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guillermo Aristizibal-instructor


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